AMVETS or American Veterans is a volunteer-led organization formed by World War II Veterans which accepts honorably discharged veterans as members. AMVETS is one of the most respected volunteer-led organizations in the country that provides, not only support for veterans and the active military in procuring their earned entitlements, but also community services that enhance the quality of life for this nation's citizens.

AMVET membership is open to all men and women who have served honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces, Reserves and National Guard and to those men and women who are currently serving our country.


Commander - Donald Rottinghaus

1st Vice Commander - Bob Lane

2nd Vice Commander - OPEN

3rd Vice Commander - Jerry Holtzman

Adjutant - Craig White

Finance Officer - Carl Yant Jr.

Chaplain - OPEN

Judge Advocate - Carl Yant Jr.

Provost Marshall - David Cummings

Service Officer - OPEN

Liason - OPEN


                           Jim Sadler

                       Carl Yant Jr.


President - Sheridan Redfern

1st Vice - Carol Finger

2nd Vice - Lois Weber

Secretary - Nancy Carrier

Treasurer - Donna Torsrud

Chaplain -Joan Lenz

Sgt-At-Arms - Jan Taylor

Pro Historian -Kaci Yant

Parliamentarian - OPEN

Liaison - Becky Cummings


Commander - Pete Weber

1st Vice - Jason Dolf

2nd Vice - Larry Parsley

3rd Vice - Dennis Iehl

Finance / Adjutant- Mike Adams

Judge Advocate - Mike Hohrs

Provost Marshall - JIm Webb

Public Relations / Historian-Jim Nick

Chaplain - Richard Barber

Amvet Riders

President -Carl Yant Jr.

1st Vice - Jason Dolf

2nd Vice - Larry Parsley

Secretary - Joan Thompson

Treasurer - Larry Thompson

Chaplain - Harvey Johnson

Sgt-At-Arms - Mark Heald

Judge Advocate - Stan Thompson


Road Captain - Jim Webb

Carl Letney AMVETS Post #31

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Carl Letney AMVETS Post #31